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Welcome to the Hamilton, Ohio High Schools website! Dedicated to the students, graduates, and faculty of Badin, Garfield, Hamilton Catholic, Notre Dame, Taft, and Hamilton High Schools, it is a popular meeting place for Alumni and a great place to find long lost classmates and friends.

We now have 6217 registered Alumni and Faculty Members! We need your help to continue to spread the word about our site. Be sure to include a site invitation in your reunion announcements, and we will try to post pictures and information about your class. If you are a visitor, please Register - you’ll help us grow and enjoy rekindling old memories.

Our primary purpose is to encourage Alumni, Students, and Faculty to communicate with one another. We provide you the ability to send email, visit home pages, post messages in our Guest Book or Message Board , and help us identify classmates who appear in reunion photos. It's all in the spirit of fun, so please join us.

In addition to these features, you have the ability to search alumni By Year , Most Recent , or you can do a Custom Search . You also have the ability to , view and upload Yearbooks and Pictures , read the News , and importantly, view and post Reunion Information . We are the only known site providing an Obituary or Memoriam section where we remember our friends and relatives.


My Babies

My Babies

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